If my photographs are a window to my soul, I would hope that in the future that window reveals a better version of myself than today. Surely that is what the journey of life is all about?     Alister Benn

One of my favorite pioneering photographers is Eliot Porter and the other day I went to a used bookstore here in Eugene to see if I could find a copy of his seminal book Intimate Landscapes.  I was successful and since they did not seem to be in any rush to get me out of the store I took the time to just spend with the images.  His style – focusing on nature’s details –  and the resultant images set a high bar for a lot of landscape photographers and while mine come no where near that level I sure am inspired by his work.

I took the image below the other day while wandering along a path near Fern Ridge reservoir.  I was taken with the details of the bare vegetation against the fog and while some of you may find this image cluttered and confusing I find it intricate and intimate – at least that was what I was going for.

This one really needs to enlarged when viewing it.  Just click on it.