“Perhaps what moves us most in Winter is some reminiscence of far-off summer …. What beauty in the running brooks! What life!”

Henry David Thoreau

I found that quote the other night while reading “In Wildness is the Preservation of the World”.  I think Thoreau got it wrong – at least wrong for me. I personally find great joy in all of the seasons although I have to admit that summer is my least favorite. I think I was able to find some of that joy and winter beauty on Fall Creek near Lowell on Monday – low water levels due to the recent cold snap and little or no rain so the beauty of tumbling water was everywhere I walked.

After hiking up the Fall Creek trail for a while and finding nothing real interesting I went back to the car and then walked upstream on the opposite bank and found this small tributary coming into the main channel.  I had tried unsuccessfully to photograph this small stream last year so I gave it another go from a different perspective and certainly at a much lower flow.  Tried to capture it set in the little grotto it feeds.

Lastly I went back up on the road bridge and found an upstream and downstream image of the main creek – the low flows really help to define the stream and I think add a lot to help bring out the stark, yet beautiful nature of winter in the Cascades.

Looking Downstream

Looking Upstream

If you click on any of the images you can get a larger view on your monitor.