After a couple of weeks fencing with a cold, sore throat and just general malaise I finally went to Urgent Care yesterday and was given a prescription for antibiotics.  I vowed to wait a bit before taking them knowing that they can do some damage to the good bacteria in our bodies but today I knew when I was beat.  Filled the prescription and am hoping for a full recovery in the next few days – that is, before I head over to Bandon on Friday.

I did manage to remember to throw the camera into the car when I went over to the pharmacy and decided to just take a short drive through town.  A friend and her husband recently spent the night at the Inn at the 5th hotel here in town.   She sent me a snapshot of an image I had sold via Kristen a number of years ago and it prompted me to go out and look for other ‘architectural abstracts’ in the buildings around town.   I came across the following image and after a bit of straightening, some cropping and conversion to B&W I got an image that I just really like.  The reflection is in the windows of the Federal Courthouse.

Click for a larger view and as always omments are always welcome.