Even while feeling pretty miserable for most of the past week I did notice that slowly I was starting to come around.  I watched the weather forecasts daily if not more frequently and noticed that changing weather was on the menu for Friday into Saturday for the Oregon Coast.  Sometimes that can mean that the dull thick cloudy sky that laid in all week continues but sometimes it can mean dissipating clouds making for a nice sunset.  Such was the case last night – a beautiful evening on the beach at Bandon, OR.

I went to Bandon last year about this same time so this felt like a good time to go plus I got to visit with friends Steve and Susan Dimock and hear all about their  recent trip to Ecuador – Susan has posted some great entries on her blog – especially one from the Galapagos Islands – such interesting animals and great photographs.  http://www.susandimock.com/blog/

Was hoping that either Steven or Susan could join me in an evening shoot on the beach but Steve was busy with motel chores and Susan seemed to be coming down with this crud that is making the rounds.  Hope it passed her by.

I got to the beach a bit early and just wandered around looking for what I hoped would be interesting compositions.  Found the one below and the shadow line pointed me to a Black and White composition.

As the sunset time came on I found a place to set up and wait for what the light had to offer.  Was quickly joined by 3 other photographers but we call seemed to coexist for the evening.  As you can see from the image below I thought for a bit that I was going to lose the light as the sun sank into that cloud mass but I held my ground and crossed my fingers.

I waited about 20 minutes all the while convinced that the light would show up in that strand of red light on the horizon.  Yes!!

I kept shooting and moved a bit but the evening was so great I was just transfixed.  The shot below is just about the last of the images and as you can see I moved around a bit to be sure I had the Wizards Hat full in the frame.  Hiked back to the car, drove to town and found dinner and a beer at the Bandon Brewing Company.

The next morning I went over to the banks of the Coquille River – the prediction was for fog and I was hoping to photograph the lighthouse in the fog but it did not materialize.  Instead I concentrated of a row of rocks just out in the flow.  A nice morning view and a friend on the rocks.


Be sure to click on the images for a larger view and I welcome your comments.  It was a great trip – renewed both my spirit and my health.  Hardly a sniffle or a cough today.