“I think of my photographs
as visual haiku poems, rather than full-length novels.” 

Michael Kenna

I read an interview with Michael Kenna in the current edition of on-Landscape Photography e-magazine and was really taken with the above sentence.  I know almost nothing about haiku poetry but I seem to remember that there are some rules about the composition and that they are simple and thoughtful so I will have to spend some time looking up those rules and reading some work from the Japanese masters.  That whole concept of simplicity sure was running about in my mind this morning as I drove up McGowan Creek road looking for the fresh snow promised in last evening’s weather forecast.  Found it.  Beautiful morning.   Cold and windy but all is forgotten when I am behind the lens in such a beautiful place.

Found both these images in a meadow about 6 miles up the road.  Just me and the snow and the trees.  I know Michael Kenna shoots entirely in Black and White but that was not an end result that seemed to me to work for these two shots.  Simplicity was and even tho the ends of the branches show a certain filigree I think they still work with the simple nature of the images.  Also, I think the color helps to show the cold.

If a haiku comes to mind I would be more than grateful or just add a simple comment.