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From the time I crossed over Willamette Pass on Monday morning to this Thursday morning in Eugene I did not experience temperatures above freezing.  Those conditions made for wonderful photographic opportunities as I made my way east and south and I hope this post conveys the beauty of winter and the cold.

First day goal was Lakeview, OR with stops along the way especially a quick one at PLAYA at Summer Lake (www.playasummerlake.org).  Met the new director, Ellen Waterston and just got to experience once again the overwhelming sense of solitude and serenity that pervades that facility.  This place is wonderful no matter the time of year but for me winter was magic – perhaps because it was my first time over there in this season.

The landscape along the Fremont Highway past Fort Rock in winter is a minimalist photographers dream.  It is so open and bare with rows of leafless trees punctuating the land.  Made it seem even more enchanting.

PLAYA  at Summer Lake is about 80 miles from the turnoff of Hwy. 97 south of LaPine and as I drove along I kept seeing these small streams – mostly frozen and rimmed and patterned with fresh snow.  Finally stopped at two or three of them and I did  manage to get one nice image.  Actually there are some others waiting their turn for processing.

I was looking for Native American petroglyphs and did manage to find some the next day — keep reading.

I had never been to Lakeview and found it to be like so many small rather isolated towns in the interior west – a bit run down in spots but overall nice people who were very welcoming.  The weather prediction for the evening ranged from 9 to -1.  I went to the local Les Schwab tire store and had my antifreeze checked.  Good to go.

It was 10 the next morning and following a nice breakfast at a local cafe I headed into the mountains – more of a discovery type trip as I had never traversed the Warner Mountains or northern Nevada and the Pueblo Mountains.  There are many places along the route east to Adel that offered so many shots.  A rather – at least for this country – large stream was at the margin of freezing over in the 6 degree temperatures and the remaining pools were just catching the morning light.

Friends had told me of a location east of Adel along Geaser Reservoir where there were petroglyphs.  I found them – what a treat.  It looks like lovely spring or summer weather — NOT – I was totally bundled up and lasted only 20 minutes before retreating to the warmth of the car.

Over the top, into Nevada and on to Denio turned north and headed for Andrews near the Alvord Desert.  Stopped for a short visit with John Simpkins and got meet Ella – his new standard poodle – still a puppy and full of energy but what a beauty.  I made a number of images of Steens Mountain that I hope will work in Black and White but will take come concentrated time to process.  I did stop on the Alvord – there are some nice tiles that have developed.  Best I have seen.

I will stop here and hope to put up another post tomorrow about the remainder of this excursion.  Thanks for looking.  As always click for a larger view of any image and comments are more than welcome.