Wednesday morning found me in Burns with about 3 inches of fresh dry snow and temps in the low 20’s.  It was so easy to drive in those conditions with the exception of the clouds of snow dust raised by the big rigs as they blasted down Highway 20 towards Bend.  I stopped a number of times – put up a few images on FB that reminded me of Mika’s new work – she is always an inspiration.

I stopped in Sisters for breakfast and then joined the caravan headed west.  When I got to the Camp Sherman interchange I explored a little looking for a stand of the beautiful Ponderosa Pines in that area and hoping they would be cloaked in snow.  Sure enough it turned into what I think was an easy task.  This image seems to open a path into the snowy woods especially if you click on it to get a larger view.

Over the pass in another long caravan of cars, SUV’s and big rigs but things moved well and ODOT did a good job of maintaining them.

I have shot reflections on Trailbridge reservoir in the past in Spring, Summer and Autumn but not Winter.  They are always so different but this one is really different and is close to my favorite.

Nice to be home and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these images and the ones from the whole trip.  Still mite find some more so be warned.