It seems that lately April is self identifying as January and day after day of rather cool and wet weather has followed one after the other.  Sometimes weather like that can produce nice photo opportunities and some days it tends to keep one indoors.  Today I found myself indoors.  Cup of coffee, the music from the Peer Gynt ballet on the stereo and doing a bit of house cleaning – perhaps that will help bring on real Spring.

I have this basket on one of my bookcases that I purchased a number of years ago – just liked the hand woven rustic nature of it.  The pear tree in my back yard is in bloom so I just concocted a still life – the basket with a branch of the blooming pear tree.  This is a 5 shot stacked image and I did tone it a bit.  Kept me entertained this morning and I have a great book in the works right now for the afternoon.   Hoping for sunshine tomorrow which will prompt an evening trip to the West Eugene wetlands to photograph the Camas lily.

Comments, as usual are always welcome.