I just read an interview with Art Wolfe in on-Landscape emagazine in which he was asked about return visits to places he had shot in the past.  Mostly they were referring to his almost yearly trips to South Georgia Island.  He said that for him the challenge was to find ways to shoot familiar scenes in different ways.  I sort of agree with that statement but not entirely.  Return visits for me can be like going back to sit with an old friend who changes from year to year but basically presents the same level of self to the world.  Such has been my yearly visits to the West Eugene wetlands when the Camas Lily is in full bloom and painting the fields with purple.

The best time, in my humble opinion, to photograph those fields are with sunset light and a colorful sky.  Those conditions happen some evenings but one must keep a close eye on the weather report and the timing of sunset.  Last night was a good evening – not the best I have had out there but one of the top 10 for sure.

Had the place to myself – love that quiet introspection that can happen at times like that when you are focused on the images you are trying to capture and the noise of the world does not intrude.

The two images below are a bit of time sequence – the first being as the sun began to touch the horizon and the second a wider view of the wetlands when the last light filled the scene.

T’was a lovely evening and I came away refreshed.  Be sure to click on the images to get a larger view and I welcome your comments.