“happier than a dog at a BBQ for the blind” 

Christopher Moore

That pretty much sums up my feelings about my time along the Row River and Brice Creek this morning.  It was perfect for photographing streams – overcast with a bit of rain resulting in soft morning light – long exposures and wet feet.

Brice Creek is a tributary to the Row River – east of Cottage Grove and easy to find. Had the place pretty much to myself.  There is lots of access to the river combined with plenty of safe pull-outs along the road for parking.  Also right now the wild dogwood is in bloom punctuating the green of the conifers and deciduous trees along the road and the river.  Loved the soft green of the new leaves and I made a vow to come back in the autumn – the color season.

These three images are all from Brice Creek.  The first is a panorama of a large cascade about mid-way along my trip.  (Be sure to click on the individual images for a larger view.

The next image is a closeup section of that cascade.

The last image is of a tributary to the main stream.

Some of you may find images such as these boring but they make me happy so I am not going to apologize for them and will probably keep shooting them.

As always comments are more than welcome.