Driving up the McKenzie River Highway yesterday morning is driving thru a corridor lined with white dogwood blooms.  The display starts just east of the mapdot of Blue River and continues to the junction with Highway 20.  I have shot dogwood up here many times over the years – some year’s sparse and some full.  This year can best be described as ABUNDANT – simply beautiful.

My first stop was at Delta CG and I spent some time just wandering the Nature trail.  There was a dogwood in bloom along the edge of S. Fork McKenzie in a place that I have photographed before but from a different angle.  With some bush whacking I found a new location that lead to the image below.  So green and lush right now and I hope I can come back in the fall when those deciduous trees are in color.

Moving on I drove up the Old McKenzie scenic highway and turned off on a small gravel road just beyond Limberlost CG and noticed this setting of blooms in the old growth. Again simple forms.

I moved up the road which is still closed with a snowgate at the 7 mile point, and stopped for a look at one of my favorite places along that drive, Lost Creek Springs.  There was a gorgeous dogwood on the bank at the edge of the flow and I spent quite a bit of time framing a shot that I think works.

Back on the main highway I found a spray of large blooms that just called me to stop.  I noticed how large these individual blooms were as compared to the ones further up – timing of blooming, temperature and elevation I would think.

Olallie Creek campground was just around the corner and it was a stop that I had planned to make.  I noticed the blooms just lighting up the dark under the old growth.  There is a saying “You can’t have a light without a dark to put it in!!”  True in this case.

The final stop was on the access road to Carmen Reservoir.  I like the simple nature of trees and this rather uniform stand of alder stood out (no pun intended)

As always comments are more that welcome and be sure to click on the images to get a larger view.