“Silence cannot hide.  It reveals its diverse nature through masquerade.  It lives in the dawn, pastel and still, or through the breath of trees as they soundlessly reach toward divinity.”           Leslie Schwartz 

I have been reading and viewing the 2017 work by PLAYA residents and the opening words of this essay were running around in my head this morning as I woke early and drove toward Salt Creek near the top of Willamette Pass.  I was met with silence and it drove away any possibility of the loneliness that seems to have  followed me around a bit over the last few days.  Mountains will do that for me.

I got to the trail head and down to the lower viewing area in time to catch the first light skirting the edge of the grotto that Salt Creek Falls empties into.  I was not aware of the roar of the falls and it seems that silence still filled the air.  The hike back up the hill with a full camera bag and tripod was a good substitute for my normal gym workout.

This is a bit of a long exposure due to the darkness still hanging in.

One more thought I had on the road up was that the wild rhododendrons may be in bloom.  I was a bit early for them to be fully out but there was certainly a promise of greater flowering to come.  Perhaps a week or two. I love the way the blooms stand out against the darkness of the old growth forest.  Be sure to click on the images for a larger view and as always comments are more than welcome.