With the thunderstorms moving thru overnight I was hopeful of finding some interesting remaining cloud formations along the top of the 3-Sisters as seen from Scott Lake.  Additionally I wanted to see the results of the fires that were in the area last year.  Well the fires were pretty spotty along the Scenic Highway and the road crews had done a very good job of downing the danger trees and opening the road.  However the heavy rain last night brought down mudslides on the east side and blocked the road from Dee Wright Observatory east.  They said the the cleanup mite be finished this evening.  I think the fire damage was much more extensive on the east side but I did notice some extensively burned areas on the west side further upslope from the road.

I stopped in at Scott Lake and all was well – not great for photography but nice to see no fire damage in the area.  The mosquitoes were quite healthy and hungry.  Still cannot figure out why when he had the chance Noah did not off those two on the boat!!

As I said the photography conditions were poor – aka – boring – but on the way out I happened to notice these wonderful strands of air born pollen and debris along the lake shore.  Made for some very interesting natural abstract compositions.

Always does me good to be in the mountains and it was fun shooting the abstracts in the pond.  Comments are always welcome.