“Solitude is the human condition in which I keep myself company.”
~Hannah Arendt

Went back and did some mining in a folder containing images from a trip last Winter thru the Warner and Pueblo mountains of southeastern Oregon.  I did this trip alone save for a few stops to visit some acquaintances along the way.  Ellen, John and Rose – thank you for the welcoming visits.

The image below is of a small stream along Highway 140 on the way from Lakeview to Adel, OR.   It was a lovely drive – little traffic, no radio or CD, and just the quiet of the morning filled the air.   It was very cold and had been for a few days and the stream was freezing over in places.  Morning light was just touching the streamside vegetation and was probably what drew my attention to the scene.  I have shot the grand landscapes such as the Tetons many times and will probably do so again but am more and more drawn to what I and others call Intimate Landscapes, this image is one such example.

I find that solitary shooting on such a morning is for me a big part of the essence of landscape photography.

I so look forward to another trip through these mountains – perhaps in the autumn (the color season) or again in the winter.  Comments are more than welcome.