I got word from Charlotte Britton at on-Landscpae e-magazine that the attached images are included in the current issue, #165


Very happy to have these shown.  Not sure you can view them without a subscription so I have attached them below with a little information on Steens Mountain.

Steens Mountain is an iconic part of the Oregon High Desert landscape. … Southeastern Oregon’s basalt flows underwent severe geological stress during the Pliocene Epoch, from 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago, expanding and compressing along north-to-south fault zones to create a basin-and-range terrain.  These Gorges start near the top (~9,700 feet) on the west facing slope and carry down into lower elevation. 

The first three were shot last September and the last image was shot the September before and Yes I am headed back this coming autumn.    If you click on an image you can get a much larger view on your screen.

Sunset near the top of Little Blitzen GorgeBig Indian GorgeKiger GorgeSunset over Fish Creek