I left the Steens Mountain Resort at 0530 and headed back to the Overlook Rim hoping to be able to catch a sunrise across the Alvord Desert – looking up I could see a blanket of stars so my hopes were high.  However as I drove toward to the viewpoint the weather got progressively worse – clouds, wind and cold almost as bad as the night before.  I am not a quick learner but I did manage to convince myself to stay in the car.

Driving back down the road accompanied by bands of hunters who were also out and about looking for a different subject to shoot I decided to stop in an aspen stand at Jackman Park and found this group of lovely graceful dancers shaped by the wind and the snow over the years.  They remind me of a boojum tree but of course a different species in a different location.

Breakfast at the Frenchglen Inn was a welcome treat – coffee and french toast – humm!  I drove south hoping to find color along the Blitzen River on the south end of the Steens Mountain Loupe road.  It was not until I got high that I started to pick up any color and was glad the morning storm had cleared. .  The image below is of Big Indian Gorge.

I came down and went south for a quick visit with John Simpkins at Andrews.  Always fun to see John and Ella.  John is having a show of his phenomenal paintings in early November at the High Desert Museum and it will be up for four months – well worth a visit even if you cannot make the reception.  http://www.johnsimpkins.com/