Time spent on a beautiful river surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn is always something I enjoy and yesterday was one of those stellar days that make autumn so special, especially for photographers but really for everyone who takes the time to get out there.

The North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette River joins the Middle Fork just west of the small town of Westfir.   I picked up my friend and fellow photographer, Tim Giraudier, a Westfir resident and we headed up river looking for photo ops.  We went up the road to what is called The Canyon.   It was early and the light had not come up just yet so we noted places for stops on the way back down the road.  There was one stop that we both were familiar with – a small stream cascading over a what I am sure was a rock slide from a storm event a number of years ago.  The boulders are now covered with moss making for very uneven walking.  The shot below is from that stop – looking upstream.

We both took the time to shoot looking down the small trib.  Not sure which image I like best.

Moving on we found an area that I had shot a number of years ago with Bruce McCammon and Dave Hill.  The colors were so much better than what I remembered – low water and great color.  Decided to call this image Aqua Oro.

Not sure how long the color will last – I think one good storm will take out most of the leaves so if you can get up there I would recommend it.

Click on the image for a larger view on your monitor and as always I welcome your comments.  I do have some more images that I plan to use in another post.