It was foggy and below freezing in the Valley this morning as I made my way out of town – destination Hult Lake in the Coast Range with a secondary goal of testing out a new lens.  I was hoping the fog would last up into the hills but alas it started to clear as I got near the turnoff for Horton.  Still the lake had nice strands of fog coming off the still surface and it was surrounded by bits of remaining autumn color.

After about an hour or so of shooting I drove out of the park and passed a small camping area that had two frigid looking campers huddled around a rather sickly fire – chilly morning.  A few feet down the road I came across a lovely old maple with her autumn leaves piled around her base – preparing for winter.

I love the color in these big leaf maples.

BTW:  The lens worked just fine – the leaf image was taken with it.

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