Don’t be thinking there is going to be any Beach Boys music associated with this post.  Surfing was not going to happen this morning at Shore Acres.  Yesterday the National Weather Service posted a High Surf advisory for the Oregon Coast and the Coos Bay surf report indicated that the BIG STUFF was coming in after 0900.  I got to Shore Acres about 0830 and it was windy and a bit rainy but nothing that would have me cowering in the car – that was yet to come.

The shots below are pretty much a time series.  The first one is looking north from the overview about 0900.

That black sky to the west was a real good indication of what was coming.  Along with just a few other photographers I shot here for about an hour and a half – pouring rain and really windy (65 mph gusts predicted but I don’t think it got that stiff but still enough to knock over my tripod at one point)

I like the receding surf draped over the rocks and the mist in the image below.

After a bit of time drying gear and warming me I went back out and the waves were in full tilt and breaking across a band of rock to create some interesting patterns in the waves.

I finally, about 1030. walked to the southern view from the overlook.  Lot’s of action in that direction as well.

I have photographed at Shore Acres a few times before but this set of breakers was very impressive.  Larger images – click on them – are so much better for viewing.