I found that if one maintains a curious and creative mind, there are infinite compositions still waiting to be discovered.  Charlotte Gibb

I have photographed in the Row River watershed on many past occasions and the images are always different and pleasing in their own way.  Seasons, light and streamflow all contribute to unique compositions and today was no different.

It was still dark when I left home and the Valley was filled with dense fog.  At times fog can really add to compositions so I was hopeful for some shots that were highlighted with fog but as I drove up the Row River road the fog began to clear.  The image below was just along the highway near the town of Dorena.  First light just coming onto the river – silver flow.

Heading upriver I parked at the Cedar Creek CG and took the footbridge to the far side of the river and headed upstream on the river trail.  The trail has a lot of viewpoints and some big rock outcrops that allow you to get out for some – what I hope – good compositions.

The light was just beginning to fill up the canyon – I like to think it was great timing on my part but I am pretty sure luck and persistence had more to do with it.

I went up a little further for the next shot and managed to catch a bit of light on some hardwoods.

I hiked quite a bit further up the trail and have a few more images that seem to hold some promise so if they play out I will post them in a day or so.  I think another trip this autumn is called for – low water level and lots of color.   Click for a larger view on your screen.  Comments as always are more than welcome.