Last winter I was browsing the Waterfall Lover’s Guide – Pacific Northwest and noticed that there were a couple of new-to-me waterfalls on Brice Creek along FS Road 22 on the Umpqua NF.  I went up there the following day or so but at that time the road was blocked due to snow damaged trees.  I took a chance that it was open now and sure enough I got up there and as my friend Tim said “Brice Creek never disappoints” and that was certainly true this morning.  The first image is of Evergreen Falls – I don’t think that is an official name but it is the one that shows up in the guide.  It is a very lovely stair step waterfall cascading down a moss covered bank and then feeding Brice Creek.

Just upstream and across the road is an unmarked fisherman’s trail that heads down a steep rather loose rock trail to Blue Hole Falls.  This waterfall is described in the guide thusly: “This is one  of the prettiest punchbowls in the Northwest.”  I would certainly agree and while access is not easy it is worth the scramble.

I took a spill going back up the hill and ended up with some nasty cuts on my arms but I will heal and getting the images was worth the blood.  Luckily I had packed the camera away in my bag and all is well.

Click for a larger view – worth doing – and as always I welcome your comments.