…. such was the case this morning at Scott Lake when I went in to see if I could capture a decent image of the clouds scudding across the basin.  I have a few left in the stack but have not really worked them up just yet.  Perhaps another post.

I really went up the Old McKenzie Highway this morning with the intent of photographing beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax).  My thanks to Randy, Heather and Cecelia for the tip that the blooms were full and abundant.  While not as extensive as they were a few years ago they are always such a joy.

There was a cold front that moved over the Valley last night and stacked up on the westside of the Cascades – thus the snow showers – adding some interest to the images.  The one below was snatched between gusts of wind on a point overlooking a canyon.

As always comments are welcome and be sure to click on the image for a larger screen view.  Thanks for looking.