Went up to Proxy Falls on the Mckenzie River Ranger District this morning early.  Just me on the Old Mckenzie Highway and the trail in.  Nice gentle morning with a touch of moisture from overnight rain.  I had skipped my morning gym workout but hiking in to the base of the falls and then back up that steep hill substituted nicely.

It has been a while since I went in for a visit to this often photographed waterfall  — it never seems to disappoint.    Today was no exception and the light overcast sky helped tone down the overall lighting.

Two images from two different orientations.  Such a lovely spot to start the morning.  Click for a larger view.

This last image is a really wide angle view of the basin.  Shot with a 14mm wide angle lens

Yes – as usual I managed to get wet – shoes, socks and pants and I did not melt.

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