Took an early morning ramble up the Quartz Creek drainage.  The road parallels the stream and is a more or less a tie thru road from Mckenzie Pass, Hwy 126 to Willamette Pass, Hwy. 58 (Finn Rock to Westfir).  Since Forest Road 19 has been closed since last year due to the fires in the Terwilliger area and the adjacent rock slides it is nice to have an option.  I had never driven the Quartz Creek road so this was initially meant to be just a scouting trip.  It turned into a terrific Tuesday morning (that one was for you Cecelia) There are great locations for a sunrise or sunset shot from the top, a.k.a. the grand landscape.

The lower north side of the trip is punctuated with small tributaries to the main stem and form little intimate landscape images.  The first image below of of the main channel and the remaining two are of tribs.

With all the hardwood trees lining the stream banks I think a color season trip is now on the agenda.   Anybody want to go?

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