“Good inner guidance can avoid a lot of common excesses that tend to stymie creative development, such as relying too much on standard practice or becoming too dependent on limiting habits. One common habit that can be especially limiting in landscape photography is putting too much emphasis on locations and not enough on our relationships with them.”   Erin Babnik

I read a blog posting from Erin Babnik, a member of the PhotoCascadia group, yesterday over morning coffee and I certainly do agree with her above comment. Actually the whole article is worth reading — https://www.photocascadia.com/looking-beyond-locations-in-landscape-photography/

I think it is one of the main reasons I have avoided photography workshops –  “Place your tripod here and point your camera with these predetermined settings in that direction and you will get a great image of this iconic landscape”  Perhaps but…!!

With the weather changing last night after a few days of clear blue sky I headed for one of my favorite locations near Fern Ridge reservoir.  Windy and nice clouds coming along.  A harbinger of change coming over the Valley.  Also sort of like visiting an old friend.  My relationship with this area!  Home Ground!

The weather front was on its way and rain is even predicted for this afternoon.

Thanks for looking and I welcome your comments.