After checking into my motel in Burns I opted for finding a new location to shoot.  Normally I would have gone out to the Refuge in search of wildlife and have been somewhat successful in the past doing that.  However on this trip I went east from Burns down Highway 20.  Just out of Burns there is a string straight stretch of highway 15 miles long and at the end are two very gentle curves.  Once you navigate the curves you come straight against a very steep mountain pass, Stinkingwater Pass.  The next one over is Drinkwater Pass – love it – conjures up wagon trains and settlers.

Chain signs and snow fences were up in anticipation of the coming winter storms but on the afternoon I was there it was very nice but you could see a weather front forming and headed toward the basin.  I shot the image below near the top of the pass and about an hour before official sunset.  The clouds came in and closed up the scene so I was happy to have found this image.   Thanks for looking.