There are mountain communities that fill up with skiers etc. when the snow arrives, such is not the case with the far SE corner of Oregon adjacent to Nevada.  While the cook at Fields prepared my breakfast she commented that even in January there were people around – mostly bird hunters but come February things got really empty.  For me that meant no dueling tripods at overviews, empty roads (I met one car on the drive from Frenchglen to Fields about 65 miles), stands of aspen devoid of leaves and wonderful untracked views of mountains painted with snow.

I found this stand of Aspens about half-way along the drive south – not a leaf to be seen but pattern and texture seemed to just jump out at me.  I drove past it at first and then just stopped in the middle of the highway and backed up to where I could find a place to pull over and park – not that it was all that necessary.

I spent almost an hour photographing this stand and with some serious work I am hoping for an even better composition but I do like this one.

There is a fairly steep pass that takes you over the ridge coming down from the SW foothills of Steens Mountain and at the top I got a wonderful view of the snow draped Pueblo Mountains to the south.   In the distance is Nevada – a larger screen view is recommended.

For me this image defines the Empty Season in the Empty Country.  Loved this trip and perhaps I will go back when it gets really empty over there.   Love to have your comments but if not thanks for looking.