The Army Corps of Engineers manages the reservoirs in the Willamette River system.  For years I served on the Reservoir Management board and we carefully considered how to deal with abundant water years and those that were very dry.  Each reservoir is generally operated on what is known as the Rule Curve.  This time of year they are pulled down in anticipation of flooding but will start to refill shortly.

I went out to Fern Ridge reservoir last night hoping to find a sunset to photograph.  The overcast and cold of the day broke off into clear sky with some clouds hanging over the distant Coast Range mountains.  I was able to walk out onto the mudflats and to find an area that served both the sky and the land.  After about 40 minutes even god-speak came along and I was delighted.

I waited another 20 minutes and the sun set into the far hills with a grand burst of light.  Wandered back across the mud and found my way toward the car and home.  Came upon two women headed out and they asked if they had missed the sunset and I assured them they had.

I know it has been a while since I posted anything I thought was very good so hopefully these will make up for that lackluster period.  Thanks for looking and as always I sure do welcome your comments.