Following a quick stop along the road east of Adel – due to about 100 head of cattle being herded down the road – I drove into the beginnings of the Basin and Range country.  As the name describes you travel over some steep ridges with names like Buzzard Gap @ 6,122 ft and Dorothy Rim at 6, 240 ft. and then drop down into almost flat basins.  The image below is from one of the basins.  You know you are in big country when a 14mm prime wide angle lens just seems to be not wide enough.  The road joins Hwy 205 at Denio Junction, Nevada and it was there that I turned north and headed toward the Alvord Desert.  It is always a treat for me to stop and visit with John Simpkins at Andrews.  We were both careful to do our social distancing and to keep the visit short.

I think the Alvord Desert is one of the most interesting places in Oregon if not the whole interior west.  The Playa in late Spring and throughout summer is bone white and very hard.  Going mid-week was a good idea as those I chatted with said that the Memorial Day weekend was very crowded and noisy.  Not something that appeals to me.  I wandered for a couple of hours on the Playa – the reflection of the sun made what was a relatively hot day even hotter.  I love the vastness of this place.   The photographic gurus tell me that one should never split an image down the middle but this just seems to work for me.  Again please click on the image for a larger view.

I have more to post – intimate views of the tiles on the Playa and fields of wildflowers in bloom but will wait a day or two.  Comments always welcome.