Originally I had intended to go up the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River on Friday but decided to get some work done around the house and thus beat the rain that was predicted for Saturday morning.  No rain this morning but nice overcast sky and a wonderful river and a small tributary that were both filled with spring runoff.

I have photographed the small stream below quite a few times tumbling down what I am sure was at one time a sluice-out but it is so charming that I always stop and do my best to capture the seasonal view.  The white wild iris was just along the side of the road waiting for me as I parked!!  Nice treat from the natural world.

I drove upstream and have a few more images that I will work on and hopefully share but there was one more this morning.  Three bracketed images shot with a 6 stop ND filter.  I personally like the dynamic nature of the flow that resulted.

T’was a fun morning and was restorative after a week of turmoil.  Rain finally came into town here.  Nice to hear it dripping on the driveway.   Love to have your comments.