I  used to envy the father of our race, dwelling as he did among the new made plants and fields of Eden.  But I do so no more.

For I have discovered that I also live in “creation’s dawn”.  

The morning stars still sing together, and the earth, not yet half made,

becomes more beautiful everyday.                                                                                                         – John Muir

… found me out early on Highway 58 headed to Salt Creek Falls.  I remembered from a similar trip a few years back that there were wild rhododendrons in bloom this time of year so I thought I would take a chance that my timing got me there in order to photograph them.  From just below the highway exit to the Salt Creek Falls and for about a mile above the junction the sides of the main highway are adorned with beautiful flowering rhododendrons.  The same is the case of the access road to the Salt Creek Falls visitor area.  Below is an example of what I found.

I went up a side road mostly to just look around and came across a meadow filled with beargrass.  Not as abundant as they were a few years back on Old Mckenzie Pass but still they seemed to be just right for the meadow.  Fog was coating the tops of the mountains and the beargrass was lighting the meadow.

I love being in the mountains and scenes like these renew that love.

I welcome your comments.