My thought this morning was to travel over to Sparks Lake to see if I could get an image of the South Sister and Broken Top peaking thru the smoke.  The forecast was for clearing but alas it did not come round when I was there.  A descriptive term:  Thick as a Brick  sums up the conditions. There was a bit of brightening on the way back but still nothing that would indicate the mountains were going to make an appearance.

On the way over I kept getting glimpses of a red sun in the clouds and by the time I got to Crescent it had brightened a bit.  Found an area in the midst of an old burn that allowed the sun to be placed against the smoke and darkness.

As an option to shooting the mountains I went down to Devil’s Lake along the Scenic Highway. The sun was desperately trying to make an appearance.  I think I captured it’s peak effort.

Despite the smoke it was still nice to get out and about.  Saw two Sand Hill Cranes on the meadow by Sparks Lake and had a very colorful fox run across the road in front of my car.  What a treat.

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