I started the second day of my recent High Desert outing in a tire shop in Lakeview. The tire nanny on the car was lit up when I headed out and rather than take a chance on developing a tire issue in the backcountry I elected to stay in Lakeview for an extra hour to get it checked.  Nothing to worry about just low air pressure from the colder temps and high elevation.

I headed east on Hwy 140 toward the mapdot of Adel and in the process crossed the Warner Mountains. It was 30 degrees at the summit and as I dropped down the other side I started to see patches of lovely yellow aspens set against the gray of the desert hillside. The image below is a small panorama – ~42 inches wide. The morning sun was just lighting up the stand.

As I drove down the valley smoke and haze from the current California wildfires started to fill the scene. Turning north from Adel I started up a route recommended to me by Laurel Banke toward another mapdot, Plush, near the southern end of the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge.  I was really surprised to find two rather large lakes along the way. The haze was clouding the mountains but I think made for an interesting image.

These two images define the morning efforts and I still have many more from the first day of my outing and the afternoon of this day which was spent on Steens Mountain.

I hope you can still click on an image for a larger view as WordPress installed a new editor and I am just learning my way thru it. As always I welcome your comments.