I got a lead from my friend Chris telling me about the photographic opportunities up the South Santiam River. I certainly know about the South Santiam after working as a hydrologist on the Willamette N.F. for years but I had never photographed up there so this was a bit of an exploration and certainly a treat. Additionally, as I said last year this is about the time my mother passed a few years back and I try to go out and see what gifts she has for me.

I started the morning at Cascadia – it is park on the right bank of the river with a bridge crossing that makes for a nice composition. We had fog this morning in the Valley and it carried up thru the river valley. As I worked up this image I came to realize how much I liked it in Black and White.

I moved upriver toward House Rock CG and have a number of images from that area that I think turned out.  Will post some more as I finalize them.  Thanks for looking and reading and thanks to Mom for the image.  Click for a larger view and your comments are more than welcome.