The initial destination for my outing up the South Santiam River yesterday was House Rock CG. (Thanks Chris for the tip) After leaving the highway you drop a bit on a gravel road but have to park at the gate and walk down, down, down to the campground and the river. There was small trail running downriver and that is where I got the best images.

At first I thought the image below must have something to do with Alice and the Rabbit Hole

however once you walk thru the gap there is a bridge across the river that provides a lovely view looking upstream.  Love that big alder anchoring that mid-channel bar.

After some time on the bridge I went down along the river – I love the leaf scatter that comes this time of year and that is trapped at low flow along the edges of the channel.  Just says autumn to me.

Then came the hard part – the hike back up the hill.  It sufficed for my morning workout.  As usual you can click on an image to get a larger screen view and your comments are more than welcome.