Yesterday was the first time I have traveled up the Mckenzie River Valley since the Holiday Farm Fire took its toll on both the natural world and the human residents. Heartbreaking.  From just below Leaburg to just above the Ranger Station there is evidence of the damage – in some places extreme and in some places surprisingly light. It was sad to see structures that one has come to identify with and like over the years such as Christmas Treasures and for the most part the town of Blue River simply gone – a pile of burned rubble. However it was cheering to see the Goodpasture Bridge and some other houses that were saved.

Logging out the danger trees along the highway is in full operation with minor delays along the way. I turned and went up the S. Fk. of the Mckenzie and quickly ran into ongoing logging. As I was turning around I noticed a stand of singed second growth conifers with the sun just catching their tops. Some beauty in the gloom.  (not sure how long these will last)

I headed for Sisters and a stop at Angeline’s Bakery for a quick Hello with my friend Elaine who gifted me with a delicious pastry.  Off to the mountains.

I think given what is happening here today that yesterday was the last day I would have been able to get up on one of my favorite hills south of town.  Lucky me.  The clouds indicated a storm on the way but I think they added texture and interest.  This image is better large so if you click on it you can get a larger view on your screen.   Love these mountains

I sure do welcome the rain and snow – we have been dry and this storm which I hope is the start of many sure does help.

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