Sweet Creek in the Oregon Coast Range is one of my favorite photography locations and going this time of year especially mid-week, there are almost no visitors. Except for an old retired Forest Service hydrologist that was the case this morning.

I went early knowing that it would still be rather dark under the old growth along the stream. I found a new-to-me road that crossed the stream further down than where I normally start to photograph and found the stream wrapped in fog. What a treat – a new view painted with nature’s brush.

I made my way to the upper parking lot, loaded up the camera gear and headed toward the stream and Sweet Creek Falls. I had listened to a Podcast featuring Charlotte Gibb on my way over and she talked about finding Intimate landscapes. I found the image below one on my way along the stream below the falls. I think it fits the definition as she described it.

I then went to Sweet Creek Falls with the idea of finding a different way to photograph it. The last image was taken with my Canon R5, 35-70mm wide angle lens at f2.8, ISO 100 and a 10 stop Neutral Density filter resulting in a 30 second exposure.