It was a very nice Spring morning driving up to and along Champion Creek, a tributary of Brice Creek, on the Umpqua National Forest.  We were initially headed for an old mining ghost town in the Bohemian mining district but there was a log across the road that stopped us before we got to the town site.  The Champion Creek road is really rough – basically chiseled out of the rock hillside and the roadbed is nothing more than hard rock in places.  The road pulls away from the stream and you find yourself driving thru massive old-growth timber with the stream down in a steep canyon. 

Prior to exiting the main road we stopped at Cabin Creek CG and the dogwood are in bloom!  This is one of my favorite mountain blooms.  They are just lights in the forest and while a bit scattered right now I am sure there will be more to come in the next week or so.


Heading up Champion Creek we came to a gorgeous waterfall. I do not know the name of this drop but it just fits into the landscape and since I am a sucker for waterfalls I had to stop.


My thanks to Chris for the location suggestion and the invitation. Comments as always are more than welcome.