Most Landscape photographers acquaint themselves with the weather, be that for a local shoot or to prepare for an extended outing.  I am no different.  I noted that there was to be a clearing over the 3 Sisters on Tuesday after a cold front had moved into the area and fresh snow had been in the forecast.  I headed out for my favorite viewing area in the mountains just south of the town of Sisters.  When I arrived there were momentary bits of mountain peaking (no pun intended) thru the clouds but as soon as the top of one would show the others would be lost.  I waited for over 2 hours for the shot I wanted but it never really came around and the clouds just rolled in even thicker over the ridge top.

I decided to go down to to the Whychus Creek trail on a dirt road that I had never traveled.  It lead to a camping area and access to a very interesting portion of the stream.  I still have some images to look at and will certainly be back in the Color Season.

I decided to go back to the overview just to check and found to my delight the mountain view was mostly open.  So good to have patience and wait till nature gifts you.  Your comments are always welcome.