Fog at Hult Lake

The Joy is in the Seeking and the Reward is to be here.

That was certainly the case this morning at a fog filled Hult Lake in the Oregon Coast Range.  Fog can add so much to images and I think aided these two. The first is of a stand of mature alder along the lake shore.  A very simple composition.

As you travel up the lake you come to a small tributary.  The soft light from the fog hanging in the trees and a few remaining leaves plus a really long exposure helped to make this image

Access to this area is really quite easy and if you go in late autumn or even winter there are very few people to contend with.  Such is not the case in the summer or early autumn then things tend to fill up.

Enjoy and thanks for looking.

Along the River

Yesterday was the first time I have traveled up the Mckenzie River Valley since the Holiday Farm Fire took its toll on both the natural world and the human residents. Heartbreaking.  From just below Leaburg to just above the Ranger Station there is evidence of the damage – in some places extreme and in some places surprisingly light. It was sad to see structures that one has come to identify with and like over the years such as Christmas Treasures and for the most part the town of Blue River simply gone – a pile of burned rubble. However it was cheering to see the Goodpasture Bridge and some other houses that were saved.

Logging out the danger trees along the highway is in full operation with minor delays along the way. I turned and went up the S. Fk. of the Mckenzie and quickly ran into ongoing logging. As I was turning around I noticed a stand of singed second growth conifers with the sun just catching their tops. Some beauty in the gloom.  (not sure how long these will last)

I headed for Sisters and a stop at Angeline’s Bakery for a quick Hello with my friend Elaine who gifted me with a delicious pastry.  Off to the mountains.

I think given what is happening here today that yesterday was the last day I would have been able to get up on one of my favorite hills south of town.  Lucky me.  The clouds indicated a storm on the way but I think they added texture and interest.  This image is better large so if you click on it you can get a larger view on your screen.   Love these mountains

I sure do welcome the rain and snow – we have been dry and this storm which I hope is the start of many sure does help.

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House Rock CG

The initial destination for my outing up the South Santiam River yesterday was House Rock CG. (Thanks Chris for the tip) After leaving the highway you drop a bit on a gravel road but have to park at the gate and walk down, down, down to the campground and the river. There was small trail running downriver and that is where I got the best images.

At first I thought the image below must have something to do with Alice and the Rabbit Hole

however once you walk thru the gap there is a bridge across the river that provides a lovely view looking upstream.  Love that big alder anchoring that mid-channel bar.

After some time on the bridge I went down along the river – I love the leaf scatter that comes this time of year and that is trapped at low flow along the edges of the channel.  Just says autumn to me.

Then came the hard part – the hike back up the hill.  It sufficed for my morning workout.  As usual you can click on an image to get a larger screen view and your comments are more than welcome.


Exploring the South Santiam

I got a lead from my friend Chris telling me about the photographic opportunities up the South Santiam River. I certainly know about the South Santiam after working as a hydrologist on the Willamette N.F. for years but I had never photographed up there so this was a bit of an exploration and certainly a treat. Additionally, as I said last year this is about the time my mother passed a few years back and I try to go out and see what gifts she has for me.

I started the morning at Cascadia – it is park on the right bank of the river with a bridge crossing that makes for a nice composition. We had fog this morning in the Valley and it carried up thru the river valley. As I worked up this image I came to realize how much I liked it in Black and White.

I moved upriver toward House Rock CG and have a number of images from that area that I think turned out.  Will post some more as I finalize them.  Thanks for looking and reading and thanks to Mom for the image.  Click for a larger view and your comments are more than welcome.



Autumn morning

It has a beauty all its own” Ray Atkeson

I left early this morning with a plan to shoot the morning light at Sparks Lake as it was my understanding that there was to be some broken clouds and fresh snow. Such was not the case. However as I waited out the changing light for a couple of hours I finally took note of the quote above on the monument sign at the overlook. Ray Atkeson was the Photographer Laureate of Oregon and produced some of the most iconic images of the Oregon Cascades that anyone has ever done.

I hoped the clouds would clear and give me a look at the South Sister in total but they got thicker and the light got flatter as the morning went on. So even though there was not a full on view of the mountain I think this is still a beautiful area on its own and it was a pleasure to spend a few hours just watching the scene unfold.

After a few more hours of looking and shooting I started back down the Cascade Lakes highway looking for autumn color. I got lucky and noticed a wonderful stand of yellow aspen at a closed campground named The Point. Walked down the hill and shot across the lake. I feel like there was some success after a long drive.

Perhaps next week I will go up the McKenzie River to Scott Lake and see if there are some autumn treats to be had up there.

Your comments are more that welcome and thanks for looking.



Foggy morning – Hult Lake

Once again fog filled the Valley and followed the hills of the Coast Range this morning. I decided to visit one of my favorite local spots to see if fall color was coming strong and to take advantage of how fog can enhance a scene. It was very dark when I arrived but after 30 minutes the light started to come on and I started shooting.

This first image has what I think of as an oriental orientation. Maybe that is me.

Wandering about on foot and in the car I came across a bit of a backwater pond with alder reflected in the still water.

Given the time of year it is I was thinking that autumn colored leaves would be scattered all over. There was some but I think viewing the patterns without the color makes for an interesting image.

As always your comments are more than welcome


Evening Light

I had Black and White conversion in mind when I made this image but it took me a while to find the right settings for it to work. Hope I am not loading you up with too many shots, however I think this may be my favorite from the recent High Desert outing.