An Abstract


“When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.” – Minor White

From a thicket of young hardwoods along a gravel road in the South Santiam River watershed. A simple gift of line, texture and color.  I think painters call this abstract impressionism – at least I am giving myself that ‘out’.  Love to have your comments even if they are “What were you thinking!!”


A thought

“Poems are made by fools like me/ But only God can make a tree”                      Joyce Kilmer

I guess I should substitute Photographs for Poems. I love this tree that I found along the wetlands that I came across on my way to Smith Rocks.


Wizard Winter

I stuck my head out of the motel door on Wednesday morning to find about 2 inches of fresh snow draping the car and parking lot. What a treat. I left Sisters early with the goal of getting to Wizard Falls on the Metolius River. From Camp Sherman on I left the only track on the 5 miles of fresh snow (~4 inches) into the parking area. It was still dark as I gently walked down to the bridge. I set up the tripod and camera and made all the necessary adjustments to try to capture Wizard Falls in the first light – aka The Blue Hour – with a fresh coat of snow. It was just at freezing and I had to wait about an hour for it to develop.

Am learning about focus peaking on my new camera and have say it really worked well on this morning. I have a lot of other images to review and work up from the morning and may post a few. As always your comments are welcome and click on an image for a larger view.


Central Oregon visit

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning roaming the roads around Sisters and over as far as Smith Rocks north of Redmond. A few years ago a Sisters friend guided me along the back roads toward Smith Rocks. I followed the signs to the Faith, Hope and Charity winery which makes finding your way much easier. I remembered a small pond from that time and was lucky enough to find it again – this time partially frozen. 

Moving on I stopped at a small wildlife viewing area and while not much was happening in the wildlife department there was this small tree lit up in the mid-day light.   May have to return when it is in bud this spring and again in the color season.

I drove on to Smith Rocks and have to say I was a bit worried about it being overrun with people but it was not too bad however there are signs, like a new parking lot, of the growing popularity of the facility.  Some of you will recognize this portion of the river.

I spent the night in Sisters and woke to about 3 inches of fresh snow and left early to shoot on the Metolius River.  Perhaps tomorrow I will have something to post from that portion of the trip.  Fresh snow is such a delight.  As always your comments are more than welcome.


A Refuge

I have always considered the mountains to be a refuge; a place of renewal and of course, over the years, a place of employment. This morning the top of the Coburg Hills near the town of Marcola was filled with snow and formed even more of a refuge from all of the stress that seems to be running rampant.  So quiet and renewing with fresh and falling snow. 

I think snow helps to set off the bare branches of deciduous trees in winter forming almost line drawings. The first image below brought to mind a line dawning.

Going higher my friend Chris and I stopped at a meadow where we had both individually shot in the past under very different circumstances i.e., no snow.  There is this wonderful little tree growing in the middle of the meadow and it always draws my attention.  Dressed in winter togs it got my attention even more so.

At the top the road is cut into the side of the hill offering nice views but the fog was so thick it blocked those views.  I did find a stand of leaf empty trees silhouetted against the fog that I liked.  Standing strong waiting out winter. 

Still learning all the features of my new camera but am really happy using it and with the results.  Click for a larger view and I welcome your comments.

Central Oregon outing

Took the new camera on another outing on Saturday morning. I went thru the Cascades to the small town of Crescent along Hwy 97 in Central Oregon. Along the way I stopped at an overview and was fortunate enough to see the sun lighting up Diamond Peak and Mt. Yoran. Did not last long as that cloud in left hand side of the image moved in quickly.

On the way back I stopped at the east end of Odell Lake and got there in time to see the sun breaking thru the trees and lighting up Odell Creek. 

I have so much to learn about using this camera and may stop back at the dealer for a quick face to face tutorial. 

I welcome your comments and as always just click on the image you are interested in to get a larger view. 


First shots

On Tuesday afternoon a new Canon EOS R5 decided to come home with me. I spent most of yesterday watching tutorial videos on camera set-up and use and then whacking my forehead when it did not work but being delighted when whatever routine I was trying to set up did. This is a camera full of features that I am only learning – it will be a long time coming to discover all the ways it can help my photography. I have say after years of shooting my Canon 5D Mark IV it came to feel like an old friend. I knew all of its’ quirks and what to expect and I do miss it a bit but am enthusiastically looking forward to growing with my new friend.

I went to Wildwood Falls on the Row River east of Cottage Grove this morning just to test out the camera in the field. It is an amazing tool. Here are a couple of images from this outing.  It was a fun morning and I hope to get better with this camera.   Click for a larger view and as always comments are more than welcome.


Quiet evening

“Softly the evening came with the sunset.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Had another glorious evening at the West Eugene wetlands. I went out there with my friend Chris and I think we were both taken away with the sunset – it started out in almost pastel colors and then as the sun kissed the earth the colors came of stronger. The first image below is right after walking down the access road and the last one was just before the color started to drop off, just after official sunset. T’was a wonderful evening.
I have been reading an e-book by Alister Benn called The Color of Meaning ( and I think the color, contrast, atmosphere, geometry and light in these shots played out on the still water convey the quiet gentle evening that came out last night. Sure hope so as that is how I felt.
As always click on the image for a larger view and I welcome you comments.

Morning light

I think there is a poem and a prayer somewhere in this image – grateful to start another day filled with light and shadow. T’was a great morning yesterday at an overlook of Lookout Point Reservoir near Lowell, OR.  A tip from a photographer friend got me up there and I plan on returning.  As always your comments are welcome.  Click on the image for a larger view on your screen.