New Card

My wonderful sister and brother-in-law gifted me with a copy of Art Wolfe’s book “Human Canvas”  that I have been devouring all Christmas morning.  Simply one of the best photography books I have and I know I will return to it many times today and in the future.  Here is a short video on the making of the images in the book —

One of the lines from the Foreword by Chris Rainier is – to paraphrase Bob Dylan “Those not busy being born are busy dying”.  A simple way for me to change and jump start my own work was to start with my card.  I have used the old layout and image for years but I think it is time for a new one.  Designed the one below and am open to comments and suggestions.  (P.S. I think there is a Fibonacci sequence in the middle of that bloom)

T’was the day before Christmas

…. and I was wandering around in the hills north of the town of Sweet Home this morning.  I was intent on going to McDowell Creek Park to photograph what I think is a particularly beautiful waterfall – Royal Terrace.   Below are two images – one of the full drop with all the steps on the way down and the one below that is of some detail that I concentrated on and found appealing.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and comments are as always welcome.

Happy Christmas!!

Just in case you do not have a Christmas tree in your house – me neither – I am sending this one along, decorated by nature, to brighten your holiday.  Blessings to all of you. (click on the image for a larger screen view)

(Went to the Eugene Ballet Company’s presentation of The Nutcracker on this dark and rainy afternoon – wonderful!!  A Christmas time tradition for me that I plan to continue. )

A Black and White Project

A few months ago it sort of hit me that a collection of Black and White prints of Oregon landscapes offered  a creative avenue to me that was so different than the normal color scenes that I usually come back with.  Certainly nothing wrong with color – do not mean to imply that in any way.   The images I choose to go into a B&W collection need to be simple and strong – at least in my opinion – so will take a bit of time to collect.  Many more trips out and about in the glory of the Oregon country to come.  The image below was from a recent trip up the South Fork of the McKenzie River and at this point I think will make the cut as will the image of Koosah Falls in an earlier post.   Thanks for looking.  Comments always welcome including questions concerning my sanity.

The Waterfall Hike

One of the best places to experience the westside of the Cascades in Oregon is to take the Waterfall Hike.  It is a short walk punctuated by two major waterfalls — Koosah and Sahalie.  Trail runs along  the McKenzie River and is simply beautiful.  A solid recommendation to newcomers or even long time residents looking for a nice day in the mountains.

I stopped yesterday to photograph – once again – Koosah Falls.  So many times I have tried to get an image I like one that does not just look like a postcard.  I think by converting the image I got yesterday to Black and White I approached what I hoped for.  Thanks for looking and I welcome your comments.

Snow trip

I got a recent email from a friend who said “I hope you are someplace warm and cozy”  Well that did not happen today.  Instead I found myself plowing thru about a foot of fresh snow in a frozen meadow up on Santiam Pass.  It was simply beautiful – fresh snow, 25 degrees, morning light coming in from the side, and fog forming over the frost flocked vegetation.  Drove on to Sisters for coffee and a muffin – cold over there – I think they have recently had a couple of one-dog-nights and are probably in store for more.  It really felt like winter in the mountains over there.  Love it.

Thanks for looking and if you click on the image you will get a larger screen size view which I think is better to give you an idea of the image content.  Comments are more than welcome.


Went up in the hills around town that are coated with fresh snow hoping to find a shot or two that I could think of as Creative – been one of those mornings. Not sure about this one, it may just be jarring but it was fun to create. Shot with my 70-200 mm lens on my Gitzo tripod at f16 for 2 seconds and obviously moved when the shutter was open. Black and White conversion using NIK software.

Comments are more than welcome.

Intimate Landscapes

I picked up the term Intimate Landscapes from some reading and viewing I did of the work of Charlotte Gibb  Worth your time to go over for a look.   I came to like this type of image gathering and while I will probably never abandon shooting the Grand Landscapes especially in locations that are not shot to death, looking closely is a way of seeing (almost a meditation) that allows me to compose images that others may walk by unseen.  You may laugh and say ‘Look dummy there is a reason they walk by” – OK I will buy that but for me it works.

I shot the image below on my way out last Saturday to view the sunset at the West Eugene Wetlands.  Evening light and nice contrast between the foreground and and the distance.  Click for a larger view and I welcome your comments.  Thanks for reading and looking.

Brownsville morning

Just wanted to get out and about this morning so headed up to the foothills north of town to see what awaited me.  I did manage to find the image below that I ended up liking a lot.  Light just coming in to a small valley outside of the town of Brownsville and painting the sky golden.  Did not last long but then I guess finding gold is a rather rare occurrence.

Between Heaven and Earth

I think about the Cascades as a necklace running thru Washington and Oregon and I consider Waldo Lake to be a jewel in that necklace.  Waldo Lake has been described as 6,000 surface acres of distilled water.  Water quality sampling and testing over the years confirm that it is simply one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in the world especially for a lake of its size.  It puts Crater Lake to shame.

I got to spend last evening on the east shore photographing with my friend and fellow photographer Tim Giraudier.  We had been looking at the weather forecast all day and determined that last night had potential to be a great evening.  A weather front was due in on Tuesday – it got here – and sometimes those changes in weather make for interesting light.

There is a bit of photographic lore that provides ‘direction!’ for when to shoot landscape scenes – The Magic Hour.  Basically 30 minutes before and after official sunset.  We arrived at the lake about the beginning of that time frame and stayed for over an hour after.   We both commented on how nice the first view we had was as we hiked up the trail along the lake edge but I think we both knew better was coming.  We split up – I think we both shoot better when alone but I have to say having him with me during the drive in and out was a treat.

The first image below was taken about 30 minutes after official sunset.

I hiked south along the lake edge to see if I could find a location that would provide a different perspective on the lake and the sunset and got the image below.   This was taken about an hour after official sunset.  It was getting very dark in the trees and we both needed our headlights to follow the trail out to the parking lot.

It was a glorious evening – wonderful color over glass still water in a magical setting that we basically had to ourselves.  I am sure the next storm will close access.  Click for larger views and as always I welcome your comments and am grateful to you for looking.  (Also if you are interested in the techy details of how I shot these images just ask and I would be happy to provide that information)