Proxy Falls

Went up to Proxy Falls on the Mckenzie River Ranger District this morning early.  Just me on the Old Mckenzie Highway and the trail in.  Nice gentle morning with a touch of moisture from overnight rain.  I had skipped my morning gym workout but hiking in to the base of the falls and then back up that steep hill substituted nicely.

It has been a while since I went in for a visit to this often photographed waterfall  — it never seems to disappoint.    Today was no exception and the light overcast sky helped tone down the overall lighting.

Two images from two different orientations.  Such a lovely spot to start the morning.  Click for a larger view.

This last image is a really wide angle view of the basin.  Shot with a 14mm wide angle lens

Yes – as usual I managed to get wet – shoes, socks and pants and I did not melt.

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End of the Path

It has been a little over a month since I started down the road to getting the blurriness out of my vision.  Finally this morning I got the new prescription glasses after surgery on each eye.  I went out to the Owen Rose Garden for a test.  I think it will be a while before I am fully adjusted to the new set up.

The two images below are what my fellow photographers would call “the low hanging fruit” and I guess that is true but it was a test.  I shot the test using manual focus on my 100mm Macro lens and then combined a set of images in Photoshop.  Certainly nothing special bu it seems to work.  Click for a larger hopefully clear view.

Hope to see some of you Friday evening at the Emerald Art Center.



Seeing Magic

There was a wildfire that moved thru the forest just east of Scott Lake a couple of years ago.  As I drove up the Old Mckenzie Highway yesterday the clouds/fog from the cold front enveloped the burnt boles of trees killed by the fire.  To my eye it was magic.  The fog painted the snags with a gentle light and seemed to introduce some mystery.  Almost makes an abstract.  These conditions do not happen often and I am happy to have been up there and to spend an hour just framing images of the stands.  This one will get printed as I think it is my favorite image from this Spring.

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Snowing on the Solstice

…. such was the case this morning at Scott Lake when I went in to see if I could capture a decent image of the clouds scudding across the basin.  I have a few left in the stack but have not really worked them up just yet.  Perhaps another post.

I really went up the Old McKenzie Highway this morning with the intent of photographing beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax).  My thanks to Randy, Heather and Cecelia for the tip that the blooms were full and abundant.  While not as extensive as they were a few years ago they are always such a joy.

There was a cold front that moved over the Valley last night and stacked up on the westside of the Cascades – thus the snow showers – adding some interest to the images.  The one below was snatched between gusts of wind on a point overlooking a canyon.

As always comments are welcome and be sure to click on the image for a larger screen view.  Thanks for looking.

Pastel Morning colors

“Frogs discovered their national anthem again”  William Stafford

Full throated frog tunes accompanied me on my walk out in the wetlands this morning and I remembered the above line from some recent reading and it seemed to really work for this posting.  The small side channel next to where I set up was like a concert hall.  Sort of.

The moon was full this morning and setting right over Fern Ridge reservoir west of town.  I left the house about 0415 and got out there and set up in time to capture some nice soft pastel light over the water with the moon angling toward its’ setting.

The sun came up shortly after I took the above image and basically blew out the nice colors.  I headed for home and some coffee.

Close and Afar

With a nice cool weather front moving in on Wednesday I rose early and headed for the mountains.  Sometimes the weather can shut out photo opportunities – at least for the grand landscape type images – so I was not real sure much would come around but it is always nice to be in the mountains.

My first stop was at Big Lake near Hoodoo Ski area hoping to get a view of Mt. Washington over the lake.  Nothing.  However on the way in I noticed this marsh area filled with freshly budding willow.  Went back there and got an image of the sun just lighting the tops of the brush.  This type of shot is more of an intimate landscape as apposed to the Grand Landscape and I have become more and more drawn to them.

Following a stop at a local bakery for a blueberry scone – delicious – I went up on the hills south of Sisters and to my delight the South Sister, a bit of Broken Top and Tam MacArthur rim were peaking their heads out of the storm clouds.   The sun was over my left shoulder and pushed some light onto the mountains – probably not for long.  The Middle and North Sister never did make an appearance.  This was shot in the area of a relatively recent fire.

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Loving Waterfalls

Last winter I was browsing the Waterfall Lover’s Guide – Pacific Northwest and noticed that there were a couple of new-to-me waterfalls on Brice Creek along FS Road 22 on the Umpqua NF.  I went up there the following day or so but at that time the road was blocked due to snow damaged trees.  I took a chance that it was open now and sure enough I got up there and as my friend Tim said “Brice Creek never disappoints” and that was certainly true this morning.  The first image is of Evergreen Falls – I don’t think that is an official name but it is the one that shows up in the guide.  It is a very lovely stair step waterfall cascading down a moss covered bank and then feeding Brice Creek.

Just upstream and across the road is an unmarked fisherman’s trail that heads down a steep rather loose rock trail to Blue Hole Falls.  This waterfall is described in the guide thusly: “This is one  of the prettiest punchbowls in the Northwest.”  I would certainly agree and while access is not easy it is worth the scramble.

I took a spill going back up the hill and ended up with some nasty cuts on my arms but I will heal and getting the images was worth the blood.  Luckily I had packed the camera away in my bag and all is well.

Click for a larger view – worth doing – and as always I welcome your comments.


Lights in the Forest

When the Calla Lily are in full bloom in my backyard it is a sure indication that likewise the Dogwood are in bloom on McKenzie Pass.  I went up this morning following my gym time with the hope of finding a group of blooms set off against the dark forest.

The image below will look much better full screen so just click on it.  It is just what I was looking for and it took some ‘lookin!’ to find it.   The light was still soft from the overcast sky and the forest was still wet from recent rain but there was no wind and the branches of the dogwood spread out in front of the dark forest just as I had hoped.  Comments are always welcome.

Frenchglen morning

I drove from Eugene to Frenchglen on Monday with a short stop in Sisters for some yummy baked goods and then lunch in Burns and once more to visit my friend Rose at the Malheur Field Station. A nice leisurely drive and just what I needed to clear my head and raise my spirits.  I had made reservations at the Frenchglen Hotel – on the Register of Historic Places – and spent Monday afternoon roaming the wetlands on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and scouting locations for a morning shoot.  I had done my home work and knew that Balsamroot was in bloom on the big hill just south of the village.  I knew that sunrise on Tuesday was to be at 0524 and I knew the approximate direction.  0430 found me in the car and driving up to a location that I had pinpointed the day before that I thought would provide me with a good sunrise shot.

It had been windy and stormy on Monday and I really did not have great hopes for a vibrant sunrise but I think I got lucky.  The image below was shot at about 0530.  It took me some time to climb up the steep, rocky hill (old knees) and then find a place that offered some interesting foreground components and then lead the eye to the morning sun. Had to wait about 15 minutes for this image to develop.  I think it was worth the wait. Coffee and breakfast awaited me at the hotel along with a visit with a charming couple from the Baker City area who were just spending some quiet time in Frenchglen.  Humm – I guess I think of Baker City as being quiet and low key but…

If you would like to see the image full screen just click on it and as always I welcome your comments.


Welcoming the Sunrise

The Camas Lilies are in bloom out at the West Eugene wetlands albeit they are a bit past their prime and we have not had rain for a few days so they are starting to wilt a bit.  I normally try to shoot these fields at sunset but we have had nothing but boring flat blue sky for the last few days so I decided to go out early this morning.  The fields were full of purple and green and I got out there in time to welcome the sunrise.  Lovely way to start the day.  Comments as always are more than welcome.